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Ditch Digger CEO with Gary Rabine

Interviews with the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs

About Gary

In the Spring of 1981, Gary Rabine was a senior in high school trying to decide which way his future would go. While his friends were busy preparing for college, Gary was dreaming of starting a landscaping or paving business. With the experience he gained laboring and running heavy equipment for his dad’s small business, he knew he could do it. One afternoon in his school’s cafeteria, surrounded by college-bound friends, Gary was asked what his college plans were. When he replied that he planned to save money to start a business, a smart ass friend eagerly termed him a “Ditch-Digger”, loudly laughing “Gary’s going to be a Ditch Digger!”. Gary harnessed this memory and used it to motivate himself to walk his own path. 37 years later, Gary Rabine has grown Rabine Paving and many other businesses which are now the Rabine Group of Companies. This podcast is about stories like his. From “ditch-digger” to the founder/CEO of a national facilities services empire.

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